Brexit & Customs

The following are a few useful links to help you with buying & selling to/from the United Kingdom post Brexit and with any non-EU country.


1. - this is the Brexit section of InterTradeIreland’s website and contains a lot of great resources for businesses preparing for Brexit, including a tariff checker, details of upcoming Brexit events and guides to cross-border trade post-Brexit.

2. - this is InterTradeIreland’s online learning tool, which goes through procedures etc. for exporting to / importing from a non-EU country and other Brexit related issues.

3. – this website from Enterprise Ireland includes great information on post-Brexit Ireland and how this might look. There is also a Custom’s insight course here that you should complete as part of your Brexit preparations.

4. - this resource allows you to go through all of the product codes for WTO tariffs and details on the tariffs on each product code.

5. - this gives information on how your Revenue returns etc. will change post-Brexit.

6. - this gives information on how to appropriately account for VAT at Point of Entry to the EU.

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